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China Employment Express (CEE)
  • 国务院:今年5月起 拖欠农民工工资加付五成以上赔偿金 State Council: Employers who are in arrears with the wages of migrant workers should pay a compensation equaling more than 50% of the amount due since May this year
  • 近日,据媒体报道,人社部、司法部相关负责人专门就《保障农民工工资支付条例》进行了解读,明确5月1日起,对违反规定拖欠农民工工资逾期不支付的,向劳动者加付应付金额50%以上、100%以下的赔偿金;涉嫌构成拒不支付劳动报酬罪的,及时移送司法机关追究刑事责任。

    According to recent media reports, the relevant heads of MOHRSS and the Ministry of Justice have made a special interpretation of the "Regulations on the Protection of Wages of Migrant Workers" and made it clear that starting from May 1, a compensation ranging from 50% to 100% of the amount due should be paid to the workers if they fail to pay the wages of migrant workers in violation of the regulations. Anyone who is suspected of constituting the crime of refusing to pay labor remuneration shall be promptly transferred to judicial organs and prosecuted for criminal liability.

  • 上海:企业破产欠薪 人社部门垫付 Shanghai: The back pay will be paid by the social security department for the bankrupt enterprises
  • 近日,据媒体报道,上海市发布《关于企业破产欠薪保障金垫付和追偿的会商纪要》。指出,人民法院在审理破产案件中发现破产企业无力支付欠薪的,基层法院可以要求管理人向该法院所在区的人社局申请办理垫付欠薪事项。

    Recently, according to media reports, Shanghai released the "Minutes of Consultation on Payment and Recovery of Backpay Security Fund for Enterprise Bankruptcy”, stating that if the people’s court finds that the bankrupt enterprise is unable to pay the back pay, the grass-root court may request the administrator to apply to the Social Security Bureau in the district where the court is located for the payment of the back pay.

  • 西安:带薪陪护假5月施行 最多可休20天 Xi’an: Paid nursing leave can be taken for up to 20 days starting from May
  • 近日,据媒体报道,陕西省通过《西安市养老服务促进条例》,明确5月1日起,60岁以上老年人患病住院治疗期间,其子女的用人单位应当支持护理照料,给予独生子女每年累计20天、非独生子女每年累计10天的护理时间,护理期间享受与正常工作期间相同的工资福利待遇。

    According to recent media reports, Shaanxi Province has passed the Xi’an Regulations on the Promotion of Pension Service, which stipulates that from May 1, when the elderly aging over 60 years old are hospitalized for illness, his/her child’s employer should support the nursing leave, giving the only child a total of 20 days’ nursing per year, and the non-only child a total of 10 days of nursing per year, and that they shall receive the same pay as during normal work.

  • 360:年会特等奖设“免裁券” 可抵消一次裁员 360: The grand prize on the annual meeting will be a No-layoff Voucher which can be used to offset a layoff
  • 近日,据媒体报道,360董事长兼CEO周鸿祎在朋友圈透露,今年360年会设置特等奖为“免裁券”。据悉,获得“免裁券”的员工可“抵消一次裁员”,有效期为2020年1月1日至2020年12月31日。该券还标明“仅限本人使用,不可在暗网交易。

    Recently, according to media reports, 360 Chairman and CEO Zhou Hongyi revealed in his moments that this year 360 will grant a No-layoff Voucher as the special award. It is reported that employees who have obtained the "no-layoff voucher" will be exempted from a layoff, which is valid from January 1, 2020 to December 31, 2020. The voucher also said, "It is for personal use only and cannot be traded on the Deep Web”.

1.4 Billion Yuan

近日,据媒体报道, 在2019年度京东零售表彰大会上,CEO徐雷表示京东零售年轻人才的加薪比例将达到行业3倍。此外,将投入14亿元奖金用于激励优秀员工。

Recently, according to media reports, at the 2019 JD Retail Commendation Conference, CEO Xu Lei said that JD’s young retail talents will receive a salary increase of three times that of the industry. In addition, another 1.4 billion yuan will be used to encourage outstanding employees.

500 Yuan


According to recent media reports, the "new attendance rules" sent by Sohu to its employees came to light. The new rules require employees to be on duty before 9:30, and anyone who is late for work will be subject to a fine of 500 yuan with a maximum of 1,000 yuan.

250 Million


According to recent media reports, 250 million people from 10 trade unions in India held a nationwide strike, demanding the government to cancel the privatization of state-owned enterprises, and asking the government to improve labor contracts, reduce unemployment, raise the minimum wage, and withdraw labor reforms.



Recently, according to foreign media reports, the shift from fuel-fired vehicles to electric vehicles could cost 410,000 jobs in Germany by 2030.