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China Employment Express (CEE)
  • 北京:中小微企业每招一名高校毕业生每月可获3000元补贴 Beijing: Micro-, small and medium-sized enterprises can get a subsidy of 3,000 yuan per month for each college graduate recruited
  • 近日,据媒体报道,北京人社局局长指出,中小微企业每招一名高校毕业生,可拿到近3000元补贴。一是可以按照最低社保补贴标准给予补贴,每人每月1162元。二是将给予6个月的以工代训补贴,每人每月1760元。

    Reportedly, the director of Beijing Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau has recently pointed out that micro-, small and medium-sized enterprises may get a subsidy of nearly 3,000 yuan for each college graduate recruited. The first part of the subsidy shall be granted according to the minimum social security subsidy standard, which is 1,162 yuan per capita per month, and the second part will be a 6-month subsidy for work-based training at the standard of 1,760 yuan per capita per month.

  • 深圳:独生子女或有20天带薪假 不影响福利待遇 Shenzhen: Only child may have 20 days of paid leave without losing any benefits
  • 近日,深圳市公布了《深圳经济特区养老服务条例(草案)》,其中设立了独生子女护理假。规定年满60周岁的老年人,在其住院治疗期间,其子女所在单位应当给予每年累计不超过20日的护理假,在规定假期内视为出勤,照发工资,不影响福利待遇和全勤评奖。

    Shenzhen has recently published the Regulations of Shenzhen Special Economic Zone on Aged Care Services (Draft), in which the only-child nursing leave is provided. The Regulations stipulate that during the hospitalization of the aged over 60, the employers of their children shall give a nursing leave up to 20 days every year. The employees shall be deemed to have turned out for work during the prescribed leave, and the salaries shall be paid as usual without the benefits or full-attendance bonus being cut down.

  • 海南自贸港:亮出个税、企业所得税优惠政策“礼包” Hainan Free Trade Port: Launch the preferential policies for personal income tax and corporate income tax
  • 近日,财政部、国家税务总局日前发布两则通知称,自2020年1月1日起至2024年12月31日,对在海南自贸港工作的高端人才和紧缺人才,其个人所得税实际税负超过15%的部分,予以免征;对注册在海南自贸港并实质性运营的鼓励类产业企业,减按15%的税率征收企业所得税。

    The Ministry of Finance and the State Administration of Taxation has recently issued two notices stating that from January 1, 2020 to December 31, 2024, high-end talents and urgently-needed talents working in Hainan Free Trade Port are entitled to exemption from the part beyond 15% of the actual personal income tax. For encouraged industries, enterprises that are registered in Hainan Free Trade Port and have a practical operational record shall be levied at a reduced corporate tax rate of 15%.

  • 天津:放宽失业补助金领取条件 辞职可领 Tianjin: Relax the restrictions for unemployment compensation so that any employee may receive the compensation upon separation
  • 近日,天津市印发《关于做好失业补助金发放有关工作的通知》,明确2020年3月1日起至12月31日,参保缴费不足1年解除、终止劳动合同,或参保缴费满1年但因本人原因解除、终止劳动合同的,经本人申请,可以申领失业补助金。

    Tianjin has recently issued the Notice on the Payment of Unemployment Compensation, clarifying that from March 1 to December 31, 2020, if the labor contract is dissolved or terminated with an insurance contribution period of less than one year, or if the labor contract is dissolved or terminated due to the employee’s own reasons with an insurance contribution period of more than one year, the employee may receive the unemployment compensation after submitting the application.

110 Yuan


Beijing Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau has recently issued the Notice on Adjusting the Payment Standard of Unemployment Insurance Benefits, which made it clear that the monthly payment standard of unemployment insurance benefits shall be increased by 110 yuan for each level.

6,756 Yuan

近日,广东省发布《通知》,明确2019年全省全口径从业人员月平均工资为6756元。其中,第一类片区(广州、深圳)为7880元;第二类片区(珠海、佛山、惠州、东莞、中山、江门)为5855元;第三类片区 (汕头、肇庆)为5400元;第四类片区(韶关等)为5325元。

Guangdong has recently issued the Notice, stating that the average monthly salary of all-encompassing employees in the whole province in 2019 is 6,756 yuan. In particular, the average monthly salary is 7,880 yuan in Class I area (Guangzhou and Shenzhen), 5,855 yuan in Class II area (Zhuhai, Foshan, Huizhou, Dongguan, Zhongshan and Jiangmen), 5,400 yuan in Class III area (Shantou and Zhaoqing), and 5,325 yuan in Class IV area (Shaoguan, etc.).



Reportedly, ByteDance will announce its investment plan in Shanghai in the near future, and its employees in Shanghai will increase to 20,000 in the next three years. In addition to Shanghai, ByteDance’s investment in Beijing is also increasing. The total number of employees in Beijing is expected to exceed 60,000 in the next three years.



According to foreign media coverage, the European aerospace giant Airbus has recently announced at its headquarters in France that it plans to layoff about 15,000 employees globally by the summer of 2021, accounting for more than 10% of Airbus employees. This is reportedly the largest layoff plan in Airbus’s history.