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#162  Feb 19, 2016    email version


Judicial Application of Disobeying Working Arrangements Constituting Discipline Violation and Dismissal


The writer thought the core focus of the case mainly center on two points: First, whether Mr. Zhang’s behavior of replacing the night shift with day shift belongs to the discipline violation behavior; second, whether the company delivered the corresponding punishment warning to Mr. Zhang. For the two focuses, the writer holds a positive attitude.

雇佣动态 / Employment Express
  • 职业资格集中清理工作基本完成

    Centralized Clean-Up of Occupational Qualifications Basically Completed


    The “Decision On the Cancellation of One Batch of Occupational Qualifications Licenses and Certification” recently issued by the State Council republished the cancellation of licenses and certification for 61 pieces of occupational qualifications. So far, the centralized clean-up of occupational qualifications has basically been completed.

  • 专家:机器人30年内完全取代人力 数千万人将失业

    Expert: Robots Completely Replace Manpower in 30 Years, and Tens of Millions of People Will Become Jobless


    According to the Taiwan media, science and technology is advancing in leaps and bounds, and the robots development is forging ahead. Recently, some experts boldly predicted that robots would jeopardize the jobs of tens of millions of people and will practically completely replace manpower in the coming 30 years, posing an unprecedented major challenge for humanity.

  • 深圳拟扶持一万名大学生创业

    Shenzhen Intends to Support 10,000 Students in Entrepreneurship


    The “Thirteen Five-year Plan for the Development of Human Resources and Social Security Cause in Shenzhen (exposure draft)” recently released by Shenzhen Human Resources and Social Security Bureau proposed that during the “Thirteen Five-year Plan” period, Shenzhen would unveil the regulations regarding talent in the Special Economic Zone, in a bid to support 10,000 university students in entrepreneurship.

  • 天津启动居民商业健康险个税试点

    Tianjin Commences Experiment on Individual Income Tax for Purchase of Commercial Health Insurance by Residents


    Tianjin Local Taxation Bureau disclosed that as from this year, Tianjin would officially commence experiment on the individual income tax for the purchase of commercial health insurance by residents. Any Tianjin taxpayer who purchases the qualified commercial health insurance products designed by the insurance companies with reference to the guidance framework for preferential health insurance products for individual tax are entitled to enjoy the policies of pre-tax deduction for individual income tax on the basis of the quota of RMB 200 Yuan per month, RMB 2,400 Yuan per year.

  • 20%


    The “2015 Research Report of Year-End Bonus for White-Collar Workers” recently issued by Zhaopin pointed out that the average amount of the 2015 year-end bonus has shrunk by a hefty 20%, and nearly 70% of employees have no year-end awards at all.

  • 26%


    According to the report recently published by Zhang Chewei, director of the Institute of Population and Labor Economics of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, 26% of the wages of workers become non-disposable income due to the payment of personal income tax and social security deductions, etc., slowing down the growth of actual disposal income finally obtained by the residents.

  • 80%


    According to the remuneration report published recently by International Data Group, the remuneration of the CEOs of startups is largely affected by their personal management style. Upwards of 80% of the CEOs take only a monthly minimum living expenditure or no salary at all.

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