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#295  Nov 09, 2018    email version


Can employees claim premium for overtime work?


Although Wang provided his electronic attendance card, it was unable to match the corresponding overwork examination and approval form. Therefore, the employer should be exempt from the obligation of paying Wang an overtime premium. It follows that Wang’s appeal should not be corroborated.

雇佣动态 / Employment Express
  • FF宣布保留500核心员工 预计2个月后恢复正常运营

    FF announces to retain 500 core employees, predicted to return to normal operation in two months


    Recently, an internal email of Faraday Future claims FF chose to retain about 500 employees, members of core teams. At present, the corporation is striving to address cash flow hardships through multichannel and multidimensional financing, harboring the confidence that it will return to normal operation and resume staff’s salaries in two months.

  • 北京将设探索家庭护理假:护理期间工资酌情不减扣

    Explore to set up home care leave in Beijing: Wages during care shall not be deducted contingent on the circumstances


    Recently, “Implementation Opinions on Enhancing Elders’ Care Services and Perfecting the Pension System” has been promulgated in Beijing, proposing to explore the establishment of a home care leave system by amending “Ordinances on Safeguarding the Rights and Benefits of Elders in Beijing” and other provincial ordinances and planning to make regulations on certain days of care leave for supporters and maintainers. Wages, allowances, subsidies and bonuses during care shall not be deducted contingent on the circumstances.

  • 马云:未来30年 人们一天可能只需要工作3-4个小时

    Jack Ma: People will probably only need to work 3-4 hours per day in the upcoming 30 years


    On the 5th day, Jack Ma said on China International Import Expo: In 20 years, human will be replaced by machines and robots on a lot of jobs. Artificial intelligence will personify machines as technology is changing the world. Manufacturing will no longer create job opportunities whereas the service industry will create all job positions. People will probably only need to work three or four hours per day, or four days per week, in the upcoming 30 years.

  • 任正非:优化干部晋升制,坚持淘汰制

    Ren Zhengfei: Optimize the cadre promotion system, adhere to the elimination system


    On the 3rd day, Ren Zhengfei, founder of Huawei, proposed on the work meeting of Q4 2018 that Huawei should establish a trust system within which each should perform its functions, simplify management, and reduce internal operation costs including the cost of communication. The corporation’s human resources mechanism is undergoing a reform to optimize the cadre promotion system and elimination system, practice the expert circulation system and elimination system and establish a stable staff system.

  • 50万


    Recently, Lu Aihong, press spokesman of Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security of the Peoples Republic of China, has expressed that above 500 thousand new-type corporate apprentices will be trained with effort from this year till the end of 2020, in pertinence to the recently printed and issued Opinions on the Comprehensive Promotion and Practice of New-Type Corporate Apprentices. Working strength will be augmented continuously starting from 2021 to struggle to train 500 thousand or so apprentices every year.

  • 1550元


    Recently, the minimum wage standard in Anhui will be adjusted all throughout the province starting from August 1, 2018. After the adjustment, The new standard is divided into four levels: RMB 1,550, RMB 1,380 ,RMB 1,280 and RMB 1,180 .

  • 12.1%


    Recently, the media conducted a survey among netizens. Among the almost 2000 netizens participated in the survey, there remained 12.1% whose wages of September were not deducted in accord to the 5000 CNY exemption amount. The netizens believed that the main reason lied in the negligence by the employers of laborers.

  • 3.2%


    Recently, according to the findings of “The Survey into Salary Tendency 2018” published by Hong Kong Institute of Human Resource Management, the average increment (rate) in salary of employees in Hong Kong is 3.2% in 2018. This survey was conducted in August to September this year, covering 138 thousand full-time employees in total.

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