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#334  Aug 23, 2019    email version


There is a limit to overtime work, excessive overtime work will be punished!


What penalties will be imposed for arranging excessive overtime work for employees?

雇佣动态 / Employment Express
  • 河北:医保费基以全口径城镇单位就业人员平均工资为依据

    Hebei: The medical insurance premium base is based on average pay of employees in all-encompassing urban working units


    Recently, Hebei province has reportedly issued a notice deciding that from May 1, 2019, the average pay of employees in all-encompassing urban working units will be used as the basis for determining the contribution base of employee medical insurance (including maternity insurance). The difference between the new contribution base and premiums paid for May and June will be supplemented or refunded.

  • 山东:出台"22条"措施 暴雨受灾企业可申请减免所得税

    Shandong: 22 measures are introduced whereby enterprises affected by rainstorm can apply for income tax concession


    Reportedly, the taxation administration of Shandong province recently issued "22" measures to support the construction of disaster areas, whereby corporate income tax may be deducted before tax in respect to asset losses caused by disasters.

  • 苏宁:拟回购10亿至20亿元股份 用于员工持股或股权激励

    Suning: To buy back 1-2 billion yuan of shares for employee stock ownership plan or equity incentive


    According to media reports, Suning.com Co., Ltd. announced recently that the company intended to repurchase shares of the company in a total amount of not less than 1 billion yuan (inclusive) but not more than 2 billion yuan (inclusive). The repurchased shares will be used for employee stock ownership plan or equity incentive.

  • 新加坡:退休、重新雇佣年龄及年长员工公积金将逐步调高

    Singapore: To raise retirement & re-employment ages and provident fund for older workers gradually


    According to foreign media reports, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong of Singapore pointed out the other day that proposals of the Tripartite Task Force for Older Workers to raise the legal retirement age to 65 years old, the re-employment age to 70 years old, and the provident fund contribution rate for older workers would be accomplished around 2030.

  • 31,776.75


    Reportedly, according to the recent messages from the Human Resources and Social Security Bureau of Beijing, the published average pay of employees in Beijing-based legal entities will be used as the average pay of urban employees, as published by the local government in accordance with the Labor Contract Law, to calculate the cap of severance pay. The maximum standard for severance pay is 31,776.75 yuan per month in Beijing.

  • 46.5


    Reportedly, according to the economic data of July released recently by the National Bureau of Statistics, enterprise employees work 46.5 hours on average per week from January to July across the country, a YoY growth of 0.5 hour.

  • 260万


    Recently, the General Office of Guangdong Provincial Government reportedly announced the Action Plan of Guangdong Province to Unfold the Campaign of Improving Vocational Skills (2019-2021). It states that Guangdong aims to subsidize more than 2.6 million vocational skill training sessions from 2019 to 2021.

  • 3.7万


    Recently, Chongqing has reportedly issued the Notice on Implementing the Probationary Program for Tens Thousands of Youths probationers. According to it, 37,000 youths will be organized in 3 years to work on probation. The probationary period will be adjusted as follows: reduce the minimum probationary period to one month and prolong the maximum period to 12 months.

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