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#356  Feb 21, 2020    email version


What if one party reneges after the contract is dissolved through negotiation?


What if the employee goes back on his word and applies for labor arbitration After the labor contract is dissolved by consensus?

雇佣动态 / Employment Express
  • 北京:参保企业1月、2月应缴社保费征收期延长至3月底

    Beijing: To extend the period for January and February social insurance contributions by participating enterprises to the end of March


    Reportedly, at a recent press conference on epidemic prevention and control in Beijing, Lu Xiaobo said explicitly that the period for January and February social insurance contribution by all participating enterprises will extend the end of March. Enterprises in industries affected by the epidemic will be extended to the end of July.

  • 广东:无法正常返岗职工工资待遇正常享受

    Guangdong: Those unable to return to work as usual will be paid normally


    Recently, Guangdong has reportedly issued a notice clearly stating that those unable to return to work as usual will be paid normally. For the period when employees receive epidemic treatment or are placed under quarantine for medical observation, wages and benefits paid by employers will be subsidized by not more than 50% of the basic old-age insurance contribution base of such employees.

  • 浙江高院:不遵守政府防控措施导致被隔离 不享受工资待遇

    Zhejiang High Court: Not paid if failure to take the government’s prevention and control measures leads to quarantine.


    Recently, the Zhejiang High Court reportedly issued a circular on "Opinions on Regulating the Implementation of Civil Disputes Related to COVID-19 (Trial)”. According to it, if employees’ failure to take the government’s prevention and control measures leads to medical treatment under quarantine or medical observation, their claims for remuneration for such period will generally not be supported.

  • 杭州:鼓励双职工家庭中1人带薪居家看孩子

    Hangzhou: Advocate paid leaves for parent in a two-employee family for child care purposes


    Recently, Hangzhou reportedly stipulated that it encourages paid leaves for parent in a two-employee family for child care purposes, in the case that their children attending primary schools and kindergartens are left unattended at home. For non-public-owned enterprises, the government will grant subsidies on the basis of 500 yuan per person.

  • 1611元


    Recently, the Human Resources and Social Security Department of Guizhou Province said that from February 2020, the calculation standard for unemployment insurance premium in Guizhou will rise uniformly to 90% of the minimum wage standard for Tier I regions, i.e. 1,611 yuan per person per month. From December 2019 onwards, unemployment insurance will continue to be paid to those who have not been employed upon expiration of the unemployment insurance receipt period and have less than one year from the statutory retirement age.

  • 2600


    Reportedly, NetEase recently introduced contact-less recruitment procedures. 2,600 positions are now available, which allow on-line submission of CV, on-line interview, on-line induction, and even joining the work team on-line to start telecommuting.

  • 30000


    Recently, Shunfeng City Rush services reportedly announced that 30,000 jobs will be available to across the whole country, including station head, regional supervisor, dispatcher, sorter, deliveryman, reserve station head and City Rush service rider. Persons from all walks of life who are temporarily unable to resume work can apply for such jobs as needed.

  • 35000


    Reportedly, acting CEO of HSBC Noel Quinn said the other day that HSBC would reduce its workforce by 35,000 in the next three years, bringing the number of employees from 235,000 to 200,000, a layoff rate of 15% in total.

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