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#394  Nov 27, 2020    email version


Is it mandatory for workers to make application for taking annual leave?


Is such a provision in corporate bylaws valid that those who failed to make application shall be deemed to waive the annual leave?

雇佣动态 / Employment Express
  • 江苏:调整工伤保险定期待遇 一至四级伤残津贴月增220以上

    Jiangsu: Adjust the regular benefits of work-related injury insurance, and increase the monthly disability allowance due to work-related injury of Grade 1-4 disability by more than 220 yuan


    Reportedly, Jiangsu Human Resources and Social Security Department, jointly with the provincial Department of Finance, recently issued a notice specifying that from January 1, 2020, the regular benefits of wok-related injury insurance in 2020 will be adjusted. After the adjustment, people eligible for employee disability allowance due to work-related injury of Grade 1-4 disability will receive a rise of 263 yuan, 234 yuan, 228 yuan and 223 yuan respectively per person on a monthly basis.

  • 苏宁:本年度第二次给员工大幅涨薪 最高涨幅150%

    Suning: Provide employees with a substantial salary rise up to 150% for the second time this year


    Reportedly, the recent internal report of Suning stated that employees would be given a substantial salary rise for the second time this year. According to Suning, the salary rise will be carried out in batches, with an average rise of 31%, a personal salary rise of up to 150%, and a personal monthly salary rise amount of up to 16,000 yuan. All year-end bonuses will be distributed before the Spring Festival.

  • 汇丰:允许香港员工每周在家工作至多4天

    HSBC: Allow Hong Kong employees to work from home for up to four days a week


    Reportedly, HSBC recently allows eligible employees in Hong Kong to choose to work from home for up to four days a week. An HSBC spokeswoman confirmed the plan, saying that it will provide employees with varying degrees of flexibility.

  • 星巴克:将给美国员工涨薪至少10%

    Starbucks: Plan to provide its U.S. employees with a salary rise of at least 10%


    Reportedly, according to the recent internal memo of Starbucks, Starbucks will raise the salaries of baristas, shift supervisors and waiters in its U.S. stores by at least 10%, which will be effective from December 14.

  • 30000


    Reportedly, Matthew Cheung Kin-chung, Chief Secretary for Administration of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government, recently stated that the Special Administrative Region Government plans to create about 30,000 temporary jobs in public and private sectors within two years. The implementation of the plan is entrusted by the Special Administrative Region Government to the Employees Retraining Board.

  • 2000


    Reportedly, Danone Group recently announced that it will lay off up to 2,000 people at Danone’s global headquarters and French business, including a quarter of its positions at the global headquarters in Paris, with the goal of saving $1.2 billion in costs by 2023.

  • 5000


    Reportedly, Thyssenkrupp, the German industrial giant, recently stated that it will cut another 5,000 jobs to alleviate the impact of COVID-19 on its business. This brings the total number of jobs that the company plans to cut in response to pandemic to 11,000.

  • 10亿美元


    Reportedly, Home Depot recently promised to permanently increase the salaries of its front-line employees. The plan will cost about $1 billion annually. It is reported that during the pandemic, Home Depot has provided some temporary benefits for employees, including paid holidays and temporary weekly bonus plans.

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